Hubsan H501S Drone GPS fpv with 1080P HD camera 5.8G live video RC quadcopter Follow me ,Altitude mode,Automatic Return, Headless Mode Great for adults with two of drone batteries(Upgraded version )


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Product Description


HUBSAN H501S X4 Brushless FPV GPS Quadcopter 5.8 Ghz Drone with H901A Remote Control

Control distance: 300-800mFPV distance: About 300m Working time: About 20 minutes Support 4 – 32G TF / micro SD card (not included)

Package list:

1 * H501S drone1 * H901A Transmitter2 * 7.4V 2700mAh LiPo Battery for drone1 * 7.4V 1300mAh LiPo Battery for H906A8 * Propeller 1 * AC Adapter1 * Balance Charger1 * Prop Wrench

Many of fun functions great for Beginners Kids Adults







Positioning GPS

Positioning GPS system and integrated navigation in the transmitter, no matter where you are, the drone can photograph you in tracking and record your every moment.

Tracking height 3m ~ 8m Tracking distance 5m ~ 8m Height and distance adjustable


With ActiveTrack, Spark automatically recognizes objects of different shapes and sizes then tracks them according to what they are and how fast they move. This makes tracking much easier and more reliable.

Takeoff / Auto Return

The takeoff and the return of the drone ends with just one touch. The intelligent system will perform this action with regard to your order.

The drone will stay in hover and wait for your instructions after it has climbed to 3m.


2 * 7.4V 2700mAh LiPo Battery for drone


Finding the beauitful around your world : 19020x1080P HD resolution.


frequently asked Questions

1. The pairing between the transmitter and the drone is not successful. 1) Check whether the transmitter and the drone are all powered up or not. 2) Re-pair the drone and the chosen device.

2. Unable to unlock the engines. ①Make sure the drone calibration has finished. ②Make sure the Home switch is down / off. ③Check that the joystick channels on the LCD monitor are correctly centered (if not, use the transmitter’s adjustment knobs to adjust) ④If you are flying indoors, please set the “Fly With No GPS” option in the default main menu “No” to “Yes”.

3. Can not search for GPS signals. Make sure the drone is not inside or between buildings. Please take the drone outside to receive GPS signals / satellites.

4. No video on the screen or the user is experiencing strong video stream interference. ①Check if there are strong sources of wireless interference (eg WIFI, electricity, radio frequencies, etc.). If there are any, please change your flight position. ②Release the drone to the transmitter because the 5.8Ghz and 2.4Ghz frequencies can interfere with each other.

5. The drone flies erratically in Hold Altitude mode ①Check if the reading of the air pressure sensor (Altitude telemetry value) is abnormal when the drone is stationary on flat ground. It should read 0 and fluctuate very little. ②Check whether the throttle channel is moving correctly in center. If not, calibrate the sticks of the transmitter and adjust the channel with the corresponding trim button (located on the transmitter).

6. Waypoint mode does not work. ①Check that GPS satellites are 6 or more ②Check that the GPS switch is up (enabled) and the Return to Home switch is down (disabled). ③Check that all channels of the joystick on the screen are correctly centered.

7. The tracking function does not work. ①Check that the drone is in GPS mode (Tracking mode will not work without it) ②Check that the GPS satellites are 6 or more (Otherwise tracking mode will not work) ③Make sure that the channels of all joysticks are correctly centered and that the joysticks are not moved when the Follow Me mode is engaged or in the process of being engaged. (The drone will automatically exit the Follow Me mode if a joystick, except the throttle, is moved or not centered)

8. The drone does not return to the starting point. When the drone takes off, make sure the drone has received 6 or more satellites.

9. The drone continues to lose GPS satellites or the GPS satellites fall to 0 erratically. Check for high frequency signal interference sources around drones (such as power lines, signal towers, etc.).

10. The drone or video vibrates during the flight. ①Check if the propellers are damaged or not. Damaged propellers must be replaced in time. ②Check that all the screws of the drone body are in place. ③Check if the motor shafts are broken. Engines must be replaced if the trees are broken.

HUBSAN H501S Functions:5.8G FPV Real-time Video Transmission,1080P HD Camera,Follow Me Mode,Headless Mode, Altitude mode,Automatic Return,Fail-safe Mode,GPS accurate positioning location
Structures:Strong stability with 6 Axis Gyro , stronger wind resistance, easier to control. Unmatched Brushless Motor is made by the superb technology, more powerful and more durable
Drone with Camera:5.8G FPV with 1080P HD camera are tuned amazingly to capture stunning pictures and videos from the sky. Built-in GPS(Universal version) positioning system, the accurate positioning location, perfect advanced follower.
Power and Distance:The intelligent battery with large capacity extends the flying time last to 20 minutes 5.8G wireless video transmission distance:300m,Max Flight radius:300m(Standard Version)
Protection:The drone will enter into the fail-safe mode when the connection is lost from the transmitter. The flight control system will control the quadcopter to return to the home point and land automatically. The fail-safe mode helps to avoid further injuries or damages

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Hubsan H501S Drone GPS fpv with 1080P HD camera 5.8G live video RC quadcopter Follow me ,Altitude mode,Automatic Return, Headless Mode Great for adults with two of drone batteries(Upgraded version )


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